Yleislakko lähestyy Turkissa


As protests by workers from the country’s former state-owned alcohol and tobacco monopoly, or Tekel, continue, union confederations have pledged a general strike if the government fails to meet their demands by January 26.

Some workers have held a sit-down strike in front of the Confederation of Turkish Labor Unions, or Türk-İş, headquarters in the capital, while other workers, including many women, began a hunger strike Tuesday at the same venue.

In response to government indifference to the workers’ demands, six union confederations convened Thursday to discuss future plans, including calls for a general strike. The unions announced late Thursday after the meeting that they have decided to go on a general strike if the government does not respond to Tekel workers’ demands by January 26.

If the government does not respond by that time, the confederations will convene again on that date to identify a day for the general strike. The workers also put the hunger strike on hold until January 26 as they await developments.



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