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Työväki on Kiinassa noussut vastarintaan.

Revolution dawns at China’s sweatshops
The Australian
WANG Yusheng — not his real name — is 30 and has been working at a
plastics factory in Zhongshan city on the Pearl River delta for 14 years.


What follows is, IMO, critical. It seems to me the govt. and its official
unions would have to sanction this scabbing for it to be permitted.

ZHONGSHAN, China – A strike at a Honda auto parts factory here in
southeastern China collapsed on Monday morning, as Honda’s hiring of
hundreds of replacement workers on Sunday prompted most of the strikers to
return to work.

the Foshan Honda Workers’
Representative Committee !

They have agreed to resume work but will strike again in three days time
if their basic demands are not met : an increase of 800 yuans per
worker, an overhaul of the promotion system, a change in the official
trade union’s role and an apology for ”the beatings” (we can only guess
what they are referring to, probably the heavy-handedness of security
guards/the cops).

What I see as particularly encouraging is their instance on workers’
democracy and control :
”Here we call all the workers to stay united despite the fact we have
different opinions. The negation team [ = the ennemy] pays attention to
every worker’s opinion. If one wants to participate in the negotiation,
one can join the team based on the census [ = the vote] of other
workers. The team will inform all the workers of all the proposals that
it has received from the company and then assemble [a] worker’s congress
[ = general meeting]. Without approval from the worker’s congress, any
negotiation delegate will not agree on any proposal that does not meet
the abovementioned requests. ”



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